Microbiology: Electronic Submission and Peer Review

Author Guidelines

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Microbiology accepts online submissions using the ESPERE (Electronic Submission and PEer REview) System. Online submission and peer review should prove to be a more rapid process than the paper-based system.

What file formats can I send?

The paper files must be readable on referees' computers, so the file format must work across various platforms (e.g. Mac and PC). What best matches this criterion is Adobe Acrobat PDF. For this reason we are considering only those electronic submissions prepared as a single PDF file.

Please prepare the content of your paper in exactly the same way as for conventional submissions (see our Guidelines for Authors) ensuring that all of your illustrations, tables etc are included in a single file with the main text. Please ensure that the size of your file does not exceed 1 MB. Name the file xxx.pdf, where xxx is the surname of the first author (no more than 15 characters, no spaces).

How do I make a PDF file?

See notes on Creating an Acrobat PDF file. You might find it helpful to print this page and return to the one you are presently reading.

You will need the full Acrobat product, not just the Acrobat Reader. This software can be obtained at discounted prices for educational establishments. Alternative PDF-generating products can be obtained via PDFzone.com.

How do I submit electronically?

Next, simply register with the ESPERE system. You will need to give your email address. This is the email address that you will need to supply to the system every time you use it. Your password will be sent immediately to this email address. You can then log on and change that password to something more memorable. (If you later forget it, you can ask the system to mail you a reminder.)

When you receive your password you can submit your paper - just log on and select New Submission. You can also check the progress of your paper.

Once received, the Web location of your paper will be notified to referees - their selection will be based on scientific expertise and the usual level of confidentiality will be maintained. If your paper is accepted we will request it in a format compatible with our normal production requirements. See our Guidelines for Authors.

Contact mic.ospr@sgm.ac.uk with any queries or comments.