Microbiology: Electronic Submission and Peer Review

Guidelines for Reviewers

Why online review?

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Microbiology accepts online submissions using the ESPERE (Electronic Submission and PEer REview) system. Authors are encouraged to submit electronically and referees are encouraged to accept files for review via the Web. Online submission and peer review should prove to be a more convenient and rapid process than the paper-based system.

What will I receive?

You will be sent an email which includes two URLs. These link to the following.

How do I view and print the paper file?

This file is in Adobe portable document format (PDF) and you will need Acrobat Reader (free) to view and print it. Version 4 or higher of the Reader is recommended.
If you don't have Acrobat Reader click here to download it. The Reader software is also widely available from such sources as computer magazine CD-ROMs and other software documentation disks. It may even be preinstalled on your computer.

When you click on the Acrobat file different things may happen depending on the way your browser is configured. These are the most likely possibilities.

If you want the Reader to open automatically inside the browser window, look for a Preferences or Options menu in your browser and associate Acrobat Reader (or AcroRd32.exe) with the file type PDF.

Printing the file

Print the file by choosing the Printer icon in the Acrobat Reader toolbar. If the file does not print you have probably selected the print icon in the browser toolbar by mistake.

Sending your report

Type your report as usual, then cut and paste it into the appropriate boxes in the online form. You don't need to press return at the end of lines as the text will wrap automatically. If you want to include Greek or other special characters please spell them out in words, as these characters may not transmit correctly.

Fill in the rest of the form with your assessment of the paper.

Have the name and email address of the scientific Editor who requested your review available. Type the e-mail address into the appropriate box and submit your review to the Editor. A copy will also go to the Editorial Office and to yourself.

Referee report form

Contact mic.ospr@sgm.ac.uk with any queries or comments.