Scientific Meetings Travel Grants


Grants are available to support early-career microbiologists who are presenting work at scientific meetings in the UK and overseas (including meetings jointly held between the SGM and other organisations).


  1. All applicants must be paid up members of the SGM of at least 3 calendar months standing before the date of their application for a grant.
  2. Applicants must be in one of the following categories:
    • Resident and registered for a PhD in a country in the European Union.
    • Within 3 years of appointment to a first postdoctoral position in a country in the European Union at the date of application.
    • A graduate scientist within 3 years of first appointment to a microbiological post in the UK or Eire at the date of application.
    • A university lecturer (LA or equivalent) within 3 years of appointment to their first post in the UK or Eire at the date of application.
  3. Applicants must submit evidence that they are presenting work either as an oral or poster presentation.
  4. Grants may also be used to support attendance on a short course (less than 3 weeks duration). Evidence that applicants have been accepted onto the course must be supplied.
  5. All applicants who are funded by a research council or other funding body that regularly supports conference attendance or activities connected with the applicant’s work must submit evidence that they have applied for sponsorship from that body.
  6. Applications will not be considered if a grant was awarded from the scheme in the previous grant year (1 Jan – 31 Dec)
  7. Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  8. ONE copy of the completed application form and all supplementary documentation must be submitted for consideration.
  9. Grants are not intended to cover the full costs of the proposed activity. Applicants who receive support from other sources that meets their costs in part or in full are required to inform the Grants Office of the amount(s) as soon as possible. If an SGM award has already been paid, then the amount in excess of the stated required sum must be returned.
  10. Applicants who do not attend the proposed event will be required to return their grant.
  11. Grants are limited to:
  • £200 for attendance at meetings in the country of residence
  • £350 for travel to another European country
  • £500 for travel outside Europe.
Please Note:
This grant scheme does not support attendance at SGM meetings. A separate grant scheme is available for PhD Students to attend SGM meetings. Please contact the Grants Office for more information.


Applications must be made on the appropriate form, accompanied by the required supporting documents, to the Grants Office at SGM HQ.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis throughout the year but must be submitted in advance of the scientific meeting (or short course).

Application form is available

Last modified 7 January 2008