Seminar Speakers Fund 2007/8


The Seminar Speakers Fund aims to promote talks on microbiological topics in departmental seminar programmes. Grants of up to £200 towards the travel, and if necessary, accommodation expenses of an invited speaker are available.


  1. The scheme is open to Higher Education Institutions in the UK and Republic of Ireland where microbiology is taught. Normally only one department within an institution will be eligible for an award within each academic year, which is defined as running from September to June. It is expected that departments will collaborate in selecting a seminar speaker.

  2. Applications will only be accepted from departments, not from Student Microbiology Societies.

  3. Up to two speakers may be funded each year, provided the total award to the institution does not normally exceed £200.

  4. Seminars must be advertised regionally as sponsored by the Society.

  5. Awards will be paid retrospectively on receipt of evidence of the actual expenses incurred.

  6. Applications should contain the following information:
    • The names and addresses of the speaker(s) to be invited and the topic of the talk(s).
    • Evidence, in the form of a programme, that an active seminar programme is already established in the department(s). Where no previous programme exists, good reason should be given for the request, such as the establishment of a new department.
    • Details of any sponsorship for seminars that the department already has (or is anticipating).
    • An indication of the target audience for the seminar, which may include undergraduates and postgraduates.


Written submissions (and any enquiries) should be sent to the Grants Office, SGM, Marlborough House, Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood, Reading, RG7 1AG.

Applications will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis during the academic year.

Last modified 13 September 2007