Student Societies Sponsored Lectures


The scheme aims to promote talks on microbiological topics at Student Society meetings. Grants are available to each society to support TWO lectures on microbiological topics per academic year.


  1. A Student Society is eligible for support if:

    • It is run mainly by and for students, postgraduates as well as undergraduates. (The Society does not have to be a Microbiology Society, it can be a Biological Sciences Society, Biochemistry Society or similar.)

    • It is based in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

  2. The lecture(s) must be on a microbiological topic.

  3. The invited speakers will be reimbursed directly for reasonable costs of travel and accommodation. The maximum claim for each lecture is £150, even if the speaker comes from overseas or from Ireland.

  4. The Student Society will be reimbursed directly if the speaker is entertained to dinner before the Lecture, but only the costs for the speaker and ONE member of the committee may be claimed.

  5. All claims are paid retrospectively and must be supported by receipts.

  6. Each lecture must be advertised as "Sponsored by the Society for General Microbiology".

Application form available.

Last modified 14 September 2007